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August 4, 2011

Knee joint pain cured by ayurvedic treatment

I received a phone call from Mr M.D. on 3 rd august stating that he was my patient and wrote a letter to a renowned newspaper regarding his knee pain treatment given by me 16 years back.I quote him in his words."I got the knee joint pains from the age of 45 years.I suffered a lot for 15 years till 60.I did not get any relief in spite of many types of treatments. I went on with many pain killer pills and I also got injection of cortizons several times, but all went in vain.At the end I switched to ayurvda where the doctor gave me some medicines and suggested about medicated enema [basti]for the strength.The enema contained milk, honey, ghee and til oil [sesame].I found good relief within 5 enemas. The anal rout helps medicine to be absorbed fast.I took 1 enema per week.I continued for 25 weeks 25 enemas after which I was completely cured.Now I am 75 years old and since then I have no knee pain at all. The digestion should be proper before this treatment and there should be no constipation. Basti gives the week muscle a great strength The enemas should be taken from an Ayurvedic Doctor only. Diabetic patients also can get this treatment."MD Why MD wrote this after so many years, I do not know but I was satisfied to learn that he had no further episodes after that! When I matched this with my case record I could see his records are excellent and match my ones with some minor changes. I found in his case record to find that I had chosen this line of treatment after a long case study.Vitiated vat dosha along with muscle debelity was considered to be primier factors.It is only God's grace that we get such a nice feedback and job satisfaction.
Effective medicines have been found to work wonders in such cases too!
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23\1\12 :Recently I met M.D who lives in a old age home . He said that I had done such a big thing for him that he always had a mind to narrate it for the purpose of all and when got a chance he wrote about it!
case 2 : Please read 1 more case of osteoarthritis in the comment box below.
case 3 : Mrs T who is 65 years old female who suffered from osteoarthritis with pain, difficulty in walking, and oedema has been relieved totally after a treatment of 6 months and now there is no medication for her.
case 4 : Mr Aslam  50 had a lot of squeezing pain in knee joint for 1 year it was diagnose like this : MRI said it is grade 1 ligament tear of the knee joint. The tear was in medial miniscus and anterior crucial  ligament. After a treatment with proper ayurvedic diagnosis it has recovered upto 75 % in 2 months. Now he does not feel pain, can move easily, and knee joint power has also increased
 case 5 : Also written elsewhere a patient N, a male of 35 had  slip disc with bulge causing pressure on nerve  according to MRI is now able to walk up to 3 km and do regular chores after treatment of 3 years. It being vat of small joints has been put up here.Now he is able to to do all chores easily. The vat dosh which flared up due to heavy work and pressure on spinal chord caused this to him and was corrected by anema [ basti ] and sneh swed along with dashamula and other medicines worked a lot
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  1. Prasadji it is really great achievement ........

  2. Really GR8. Keep going .


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  4. Thanks sophie
    you have cheered my soul for this work

  5. One more case must be registered here.After Mr. M D I recorded a case of Mrs P P age 80 who got rid of knee pain Now it is Mrs M I : Female age 65 had a chronic pain in both knee joints X ray found : degenarative osteoarthritis with osteophytes formation. She had a lot of pain along with restricted movements. she could not sit down on floor.Sometimes left knee would get locked along with adjoint muscle spasm.Walking difficult and with cracking sounds From February 2012 till sept 12 she has improved on all symptoms pains are reduced a lot and kness do not lock.
    X ray is yet to be re examineds

  6. Mrs PP age 80 after 1 year of discontinuation of treatment is well & han symptoms till date.27\3\13

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  9. Please share your Contact Details/Address Prasad Sir...I have Grade 3 tear in medial meniscus + Full Thickness tear of ACL. But I can walk,sit properly .No Pain...Need to consult you.Other Doctors suggested for surgery.Please share your contact details.

  10. the results are with medicines only. we will start with some more treatments in due course of time
    thx. thank God

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  13. Mr D 25 got a severe knee pain after fall while playing. he got his meniscus tear. he had edema on knee too. after a long treatment containing ayurvedic powder and oil application; he is now relieved from pains. Another MRI is awaited.